Managing Director Ralf Strothmann
Ralf Strothmann
(Founder and Managing Director of AiR Inspector GmbH)

A new idea is making its way into the field of fire safety.

When it comes to inspecting fire detectors in inaccessible areas, AiR Inspector is the solution.

We have been present on the market for over 20 years with our company Planungsbüro Strothmann, offering tailor-made solutions and concepts primarily to customers in the industrial sector.

Our limited company’s product portfolio ranges from comprehensive security concepts which make use of personnel and technical services, to the creation of documentation such as fire-fighting plans, fire alarm plans, escape and emergency route plans, or technical documents for alarm systems.

Fire detectors required by building regulations or for insurance purposes must undergo annual technical tests. These are generally performed on individual fire detectors using an access pole with a release system which applies test aerosol to the fire detector. 

Most of the time, this process is possible up to a height of six metres without further effort. At greater heights, however, the working situation changes drastically as the access pole becomes heavier and more unwieldy with every extension rod added. In addition to the access pole, a work platform, among other aids, is sometimes needed in order to reach the fire detector.  

Given that testing is often only possible directly beneath the fire detector, it may also be necessary to move furniture, stored goods, etc. to one side.

The process described above requires a considerable investment of time and staff, and as a result, the costs of testing a fire detector are very high.
Our daily conversations with our customers and with fire detector system installers gave us the idea to develop an innovative product that would simplify this testing procedure considerably:


The AiR Inspector!


The AiR Inspector is a multicopter specially optimised for flight indoors. Equipped with a robust all-round protective housing as well as with testing equipment, the AiR Inspector is remote controlled. It tests fire detectors at all heights, above stored goods and above production facilities.

We received the patent for our innovative testing device in 2014.

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