Bronze Award: Air Inspector GmbH

So-called drones can be found in many of life's arenas. The Air Inspector is a patented inspection device for fire alarms mounted at heights greater than six metres. It consists of a multicopter optimised for indoor flying – for example in production facilities and warehouses –, an inspection device and a remote control. For builders and maintenance workers, the Air Inspector reduces set-up time and labour, as floors no longer need to be cleared for gaining access. An innovative and practical solution which also makes working fun.

Source: www.security-essen.de - 28.09.2016 - Security Essen Innovation Award 2016: The winners have been announced

New technologies, creatively combin3d

The Air Inspector (Galeria, stand 19) from the company of the same name is a drone specially designed for indoor flying. The manoeuvrable multicopter is flown by remote control and used to inspect smoke detectors which would not otherwise be accessible without considerable effort. This means that smoke detectors on tall ceilings, in hard-to-reach places or above dangerous goods can be inspected cheaply and safely. Until now, drones and multicopters were above all seen as a potential safety risk – but the flying inspector proves the potential of drone technology in the security and fire protection sector. ??

Source: www.security-essen.de -27.09.2016 - the world's leading security trade fair as a platform for innovative fire protection products